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[url=http://www.multistor.com.sg/wp-includes/base.php?g=3359]Proviron Vs Hcg[/url]rn Begin your arrange for buying a residence annually or even more before you start the bodily property buying process. It is advisable to acquire this time around to produce on your own more desirable to would-be lenders. Get yourself a version of the yearly credit score, and evaluate it for virtually any discrepancies. Lenders will look at your debts to earnings rate tightly. If you are holding lots of personal debt try out paying back some of these accounts before searching for a mortgage loan.rn [url=http://www.stratfordfinefoods.com/cookies/simple.php?n=3709]Equipoise International[/url]rn As the starting of this article has pointed out, hair loss is a big issue for thousands of people and could be a way to obtain embarrassment. Even so, if you have the very best assistance and knowledge accessible, coping with hairloss is not really so terrible. Make use of this article's assistance to to help you deal with hair loss.Points That You Should Know Regarding Hair Lossrn [url=http://www.northstarpaintingmn.com/media/images.php?r=2873]Primobolan Once A Week[/url]rn In case you have an extremely expensive piece of jewelry, having a skilled jeweler art an imitation piece just like the actual is a great idea if you're a recurrent traveler. Expensive jewelry is mostly sentimental, so sporting a fake part on holiday will guarantee that you're retaining the genuine article as harmless as it can be.rn [url=http://www.oozeetech.com/css/editor.php?j=42]Anabolic Steroids Pills In India[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.holtmotorservices.co.uk/fonts/publish.php?x=1162]Testosterone Enanthate Deca Durabolin Cycle[/url]rn Reduce the look of the dim shadows and luggage close to your eyes by providing your self somewhat of a massage therapy. Use some very good moisturizing lotion on your hands and restorative massage round the eyes place. It aids with lymphatic water flow about your vision and may lessen the look of the harm.rn [url=http://www.conyercreekmarina.co.uk/img/string.php?xx=959]Masteron Hrt[/url]rn Consider receiving a tripod. A great tripod provides you with more steadiness and allows you to take some time composing your picture. Obtain a tripod that provide you versatility in size and location. Tripods can be a great tool for certain kinds of photos only. Do not use a tripod should you be looking to get a unusual perspective.rn [url=http://www.safetyplus.ie/images/filter.php?pn=2687]Dianabol 50mg Price[/url]rn Make sure you get at least 8 several hours of sleep at night each night, and not more than 10 hrs. Frequently those people who are discouraged can have rest issues like sleeplessness or getting to sleep too much. Each night do routines which are relaxing and comforting and pre-plan a sleep at night agenda for on your own.rn [url=http://www.bergshin.am/wp-content/filter.php?t=2053]Deca Durabolin Anxiety[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.lakesidegreen.ca/misc/error.php?g=256]Gp Bold 200 Equipoise[/url]rn As we discussed through the past selection of recommendations, getting real estate could be very an challenge even if you have performed it well before. It takes some operate, analysis, and common sense to prevent creating a poor purchase, but it is all worth it eventually to create a smart house acquire.You Will Discover Property Buying Aid Belowrn [url=http://www.sulamb.com.br/dados/client.php?fo=1605]Methenolone Enanthate Tu Pincho[/url]rn Throughout the years, our laugh can become unpleasant because of caffeine, nicotine, aging and other aspects. Prevent these items and utilize a teeth tooth whitening product or service to take out the harm you've made, and prevent your position from acquiring any even worse.Confirmed Advice For Any Dazzling White-colored Grinrn [url=http://www.trafikskadede.dk/blogs/backup.php?hp=3655]Winstrol X Oxandrolona[/url]rn Attempt to consider what exactly is occurring to you personally during a panic attack and concentrate on actuality. Possibly communicate out noisy or get a pencil and paper and commence to clinically illustrate the specific situation on hand. Don't have a look at anything that is anxiety-associated as it's most likely not real anyways. Just give attention to your body.rn [url=http://www.anjuspersianas.com.br/js/confuse.php?te=1984]Deca Durabolin 300 Mg A Week[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.cinespecial.de/templates/modules.php?fu=3382]Proviron Y Oxandrolona[/url]rn When dealing with symptoms of asthma, you need to reduce your contact with animals. Many individuals who have asthma attack have an allergy to pets. Even unless you offer an allergy to pets, household pets can hold bring about compounds, for example dirt, inside their fur. These materials might cause an attack without you simply being sensitive to pets.rn [url=http://www.phoenix-data-management.co.uk/wp-content/editor.php?er=2836]Turinabol Xt[/url]rn An important part of taking photos is ensuring that the viewer of your image centers in about them. A great way to produce your subject definitely stand out is using major lines. Leading lines draw the viewer's vision toward the main topic of image and emphasize range. Samples of objects utilized to type top rated outlines incorporate roads, fencing, rivers and more.rn [url=http://www.megatalim.uz/images/string.php?nt=3346]Winstrol Kuur Schema[/url]rn Make sure you invest some time coming up with a good name for your enterprise that you like. It must roll of your respective tongue and stay a pleasure for you to say simply because you will certainly be saying it a whole lot. Find out if your company name is qualified for sign-up as being a domain name.rn [url=http://www.bergshin.am/wp-admin/defines.php?lo=1145]Testosterone Enanthate Co To Jest[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.50nyanseravlean.se/Config/error.php?r=3518]Equipoise Anabolic Androgenic Ratio[/url]rn For many people the kitchen is the core of the house. Customers should think about the dimensions, the location as well as the gear of the cooking area. Older, out of date cooking areas are pricey to up grade and it can include thousands of dollars with their spending budget whilst a spacious cooking area with updated devices can drastically minimize the last costs, and can add additional happiness for the ownership of the house.rn [url=https://www.pgrhonduras.gob.hn/temp/modules.php?ki=3239]Dianabol Y Winstrol Resultados[/url]rn Seek out strategies to make daily obligations and requirements significantly less stressful. By way of example, planning foods to the 7 days can remove the anxiety of determining exactly what is for dinner, and making a long list of family chores (and delegating these to certain times or members of the family) will help make housework less stressful.rn [url=http://www.caastransportes.com.br/estatisticas/footer.php?mi=3410]Winstrol O Boldenona[/url]rn As stated prior to, many forms of cancer is available in great shape. Some cancer have very clear triggers, including lung cancer, while other, such as testicular malignancy, tend not to. Malignancy is deadly no matter the result in or type. Cancers can be treated if found earlier, of course, if you remember the recommendations in this post, they will assist you to overcome cancer.Recommendations On Website Design To Help Keep Your Internet site Style On Targetrn [url=http://www.trc24.ir/wp-content/system.php?hn=168]Sustanon 250 Mg Every 5 Days[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.plannersprojetos.com.br/2014/Conceito.html]http://www.plannersprojetos.com.br/2014/Conceito.html[/url]rn Make your image backup learn. Just try to replicate your best photos and photography lovers. Not just is imitation the greatest method of flattery, it will teach you the methods that had been used to obtain the shots you love. Let your imaginative juices movement, and allow your preferred inspire you.rn http://nassamapak.com/Inquiry.asprn Double check your overall health insurance registration type before applying! Also a single mistake could afterwards invalidate your claim and force you to drop your insurance plan totally. It depends on you to cross each and every T and dot each and every I. My suggestion is to full the form in little pieces, departing it immediately and analyzing what you've finished the next day.rn[url=http://jainmahasangh.org/Contact_us.aspx]http://jainmahasangh.org/Contact_us.aspx[/url]rn An excellent home business idea would be to stop being scared to travel to check out a convention. All traveling that's linked to your business can be deducted. All you need to do is always keep each receipt through your moves and offer them when it's time and energy to do your taxation.rn

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[url=http://www.rolito.com.br/casion/defines.php?po=1601]Buy Deca Durabolin Online[/url]rn Ensure never to fall behind on any month-to-month premiums. Lacking a settlement or two can cause several insurance carriers to stop your policy 100 %. It might be a shame allowing that to take place then anything comes about during that time so you are certainly not taken care of.rn [url=http://www.zvitambo.co.zw/modules/editor.php?y=3594]Winstrol V Tabs[/url]rn Encourage people to weblink aimed at your website by providing them discount rates, promotions or another goodies specifically internet affiliate backlinks. This can be nearly anything, but well-known choices consist of giving a stellar lower price to those who take part in advertising and marketing your products or services. It is possible to give this advertising a period of time limit or ensure it is limitless for the time they hyperlink to you.rn [url=http://www.3aybro.com/icons/publish.php?h=2483]Primobolan Acetate 50 Mg[/url]rn Make certain your posts don't generate the "It's too long therefore i didn't go through it" reply through your viewers. Research has revealed that men and women cease focusing quicker when studying on the internet than they do when studying produce. Because of this, keep articles under 300 words or more. Some kinds of posts, including scholarly content articles, don't have problems with this lack of consideration of great importance and as others, so know your market.rn [url=http://www.casettaniconi.com/images/confuse.php?fe=34]Equipoise Needle Size[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.balancesystem.com.sg/products/filter.php?pi=3357]Proviron Vs Cialis[/url]rn Remain calm! In terms of great sport fishing, determination happens to be significant. Usually do not assume to produce a large get the 1st hr you will be there. Provide some thing together with you to hold you entertained, a radio station or a publication, if you plan on sport fishing for many years. Recall, positive things go to individuals who wait.rn [url=http://www.pmrsafety.com/Scripts/filter.php?pr=1309]Masterton New World[/url]rn Know exactly what you're getting in to. When you are thinking about purchasing a hire house with current tenants, it is actually crucial for you to have access to all renter records prior to signing an investment agreement. Usually, you may well be inheriting one more landlord's dilemma. Take into account that you will probably be unable to boost the rent payments quantities after purchasing an engaged property for a minimum of the length of existing rent.rn [url=http://www.arhcom.si/wp-content/client.php?va=681]Testosterone Cypionate For Ed[/url]rn When you are digicam bashful or you do not think that you will be great at online video marketing, appear in your own organization for a person who would be a good fit. They may be usually the most friendly and also a all-natural exuberance that radiates close to them. This is basically the particular person you wish to decide for your online video marketing.rn [url=http://www.semac.com.sa/js/component.php?se=1194]Testosterone Enanthate Every 3 Days[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.lenfodem.com.tr/images/media.php?e=2686]Turinabol Oral Cycle[/url]rn As was mentioned before, a single visit to the dental office doesn't work. A good portion of experiencing healthful pearly whites depends on you! It can be vital that you apply the tips in the write-up over, to ensure you try everything within your ability to prevent teeth cavities, chewing gum disease, tooth decay and other unpleasant difficulties.What You Must Understand About Avoiding Baldnessrn [url=http://www.bodhimassage.net/wp-admin/text.php?vn=3079]Primobolan Y Oxandrolona Resultados[/url]rn You should not get a toothpaste advertised as a product that can lighten your the teeth with out examining the content label very first. Try to find fluoride. This element is utterly required for healthy tooth, and several teeth whitening toothpaste usually do not even include fluoride. Use a toothpaste for a few days and change to another brand when you are not happy with all the results.rn [url=http://www.phoenix-data-management.co.uk/wp-content/editor.php?er=3646]Winstrol With Tren[/url]rn Seeing that you've finished reading this article, you will notice that you can control this problem. Don't go through reside lacking the sleep at night you want. Practice what you've just discovered, and also be soon on your way existence that features the rest you deserve. Soon, you may feel far better.Tips And Techniques To Assist You Capture Seafood The Simplest Way!rn [url=http://www.holtmotorservices.co.uk/fonts/publish.php?x=373]Sustanon 250 X Durateston[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.barcelona-pizza.co.uk/.well-known/cache.php?fr=2181]Tren A 100 Reviews[/url]rn Whether or not you're trying to protect against many forms of cancer or would like to overcome it and prevent it entirely, the tips you only go through in the earlier mentioned textual content can help you get it done. As we covered up leading, men and women articles and pleased with their life would like to live. Contrarily, people that aren't will offer up. You already know you cherish your life, so carry on this hurdle and look for your peace.Tips On How To Properly Ease Tensionrn [url=http://www.stu.si/images/user.php?aa=3719]Winstrol Zum Abnehmen[/url]rn Do you know how self-confident people stay assured? They simply believe in almost everything in which they remain. Anxiety attacks afflict individuals who don't sense confident in regards to what people say or do. Consequently, it's your choice to genuinely feel in your lifetime. Never waiver, and you'll locate anxiousness is booted on the control!rn [url=https://www.growwithget.com/wp-content/router.php?z=2951]Dianabol Keifei[/url]rn What sorts of emotions spring to mind whenever you hear the words "credit cards?" In case you are like all kinds of other Us citizens, you almost certainly feel nervous and anxious if you hear those two phrases put together. This worry and anxiousness will complete, nevertheless, as soon as you left arm oneself with proper information.rn [url=http://www.antalya-online.de/template/list.php?q=2121]Oral Steroids Urticaria[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.jb-slo.com/wp-content/media.php?f=2974]Winstrol 4 Settimane[/url]rn Since the iPad is really a tablet pc, it will not feature a bodily keyboard for keying. This may annoy a lot of customers who just cannot get used to using virtual keyboards. To function about this, try attaching an Apple wireless key pad or even a Bluetooth key-board on the iPad. The ipad tablet is definitely suitable for these products, creating set-up effortless.rn [url=http://www.moonlady.com/directory/power.php?be=3712]Sustanon 250 Cycle Results[/url]rn Get ready for the inescapable day when somebody prefers to bully you or try to place you down. You will find a good possibility that you simply undoubtedly will not are entitled to these kinds of remedy, nevertheless it happens to everybody. Consider how you will could reply to their jabs inside a logical, courteous, and sensible manner in which will stay away from discord and often will let that particular person know that she / he is out of line. This can help you to increase on top of the injured that usually occurs with this particular negative connections.rn [url=http://www.dancelo.com/wp-content/box.php?to=1860]Testosterone Propionate Nedir[/url]rn Use only a broadly approved countrywide bank card to fund anything, when you know beyond doubt you could pay it back easily. Interest rates will just produce a lot more financial debt for yourself, specifically if you have an accounts having a company that expenses lots of money per month.rn [url=http://www.businessbanknashik.com/load/user.php?vc=68]Sustanon 250 H-T[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.ins-software.com/less/biller.php?p=1781]Testosterone Propionate India[/url]rn Frequently, there are various forms of insurance coverages that may be ordered at the same time in the same firm. You are going to only desire to question what sorts each and every carrier delivers, and attempt to discuss a multiple-purchase low cost, should they don't supply that as standard. This can help you reduce costs and often you are able to get several extra advantages or bonuses.rn [url=http://www.me-cards.com/cursor/include.php?as=2513]Deca Durabolin Y Dianabol[/url]rn There are a few possibilities in everyday life that people just can't complete up, and among those opportunities is beginning a company online. Not only are internet businesses inexpensive, but they're very simple to control when you stick to suggestions just like the types we checklist in the following paragraphs. Follow this advice and learn how to effortlessly and properly pull off articles marketing campaign.rn [url=http://www.teakavenue.com/tmpcache/install.php?of=3094]Winstrol Baseball[/url]rn Even should you not program to use your iPhone for a time, you ought to store it with a lifeless battery power. Enable your phone to totally demand whenever it is placed on the battery charger rather than allowing it to work lower. Normally, you manage the chance of badly impacting the substance formula from the battery, possibly damaging the telephone.rn [url=http://www.teakavenue.com/tmpcache/install.php?of=1741]Testosterone Propionate For Sale Uk[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.nassamapak.com/js/kontakt.php?d=598]Anavar 1 Month Cycle[/url]rn Think cautiously prior to deciding to jailbreak your iPad. The main advantage of jail-splitting your apple ipad tablet is it provides you with plenty of additional features. However, jail-busting your iPad can make it much more prone to hackers. In addition, prison-splitting voids your guarantee from Apple, also it can use a sizeable affect on your iPad's life of the battery.rn [url=http://www.farmvilla.co.in/Images/defines.php?e=1172]Masteron T Nation[/url]rn Take advantage of the suggestions using this article to put an end to heavy snoring and regain your peaceful night time.rn [url=http://www.organizearquivo.com.br/wp-content/crypt.php?i=3141]Winstrol Deca Cycle[/url]rn Make the most of trackbacks. Trackbacks are really helpful tools which allow links to be created inside your responses segment to anyone who back links in your articles. This will not only create a lot more back links to the internet site, but it's another fantastic and easy way to promote other web sites to hyperlink to your blog which will help construct your site's expert.rn [url=http://www.hoteloceaninn.in/dist/filter.php?tp=162]Equipoise Usa[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.smza.com/Scripts/base.php?a=3181]Proviron Bula[/url]rn A good way for yourself do take care of the stress of any recent diabetic issues medical diagnosis, is usually to make time to learn about your illness. If you take the time to discover all the details as you can regarding the condition, you are going to be able to comprehend the value of the treatment options your physician has encouraged. Furthermore you will realize that a fantastic total well being remains probable, so long as you follow reasonable guidance in regards to the issue.rn [url=http://www.supremefloors.com.sg/wp-includes/editor.php?a=263]Gp Turinabol Review[/url]rn Provide some plastic-type totes or canisters along with you when you are camping outdoors to help you shop any food items products you might have opened. This will likely maintain any creatures from swarming about your campsite and it will surely also keep different wild animals from being drawn to anything you possess within.rn [url=http://www.gujaratflowerdecoration.com/Js/kontakt.php?iu=2216]Oxandrolone And Testosterone Cycle[/url]rn Make sure that you pay out all of your current bills quickly if you are trying to correct a bad credit ranking. Don't abandon them until the eleventh hour. Set up a schedule for whenever you pay out your debts, and utilize some type of prompt method to make certain that all of them get money on time.rn [url=http://www.eyeconeoptical.com/images/editor.php?t=572]Anadrol Y Dianabol Ciclo[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.sunwaybd.net/images/defines.php?n=3656]Sustanon 250 And Deca Cycle[/url]rn Water vapor the face. This can be done by setting your facial skin more than a popular bowl of water using a bath towel above the head. This may start your pores and attract out pollutants and bacteria. You ought to clean your face, then always rinse it with chilly water so that you shut your pores back up.rn [url=http://www.orabluechem.com/assets/text.php?m=761]Testosterone Cypionate J Code 2017[/url]rn Keep your Facebook or myspace blogposts typical and constant. Men and women try to find new articles by you whenever they check in on his or her Facebook site. If they don't view it on a regular basis, they're likely to just forget about you swiftly. There are numerous companies around that do publish frequently and others businesses are getting the interest of clients. Make the organization one.rn [url=http://www.metalex.com.sg/images/state.php?o=3386]Winstrol Mood Swings[/url]rn Flour beetles try to eat not only flour, so it's essential to determine what it is they're serving on and get it inside a snugly closed container, or toss it, rapidly. The quicker you see their food source, the quicker you'll be capable of free your home of this scourge.rn [url=http://www.ayanogluhali.com.tr/yonetim/filter.php?r=3592]Winstrol V Side Effects[/url]rn

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[url=http://www.mangotrips.co.uk/images/install.php?y=1685]Nandrolone Ne IE Yarar[/url]rn As was mentioned at the beginning in the report, it is vital that you do have a life insurance strategy which will offer your family with sufficient funds if you move out. Take advantage of the guidance made available to you from the above report to assist you to to be successful in locating a dependable life insurance coverage program.This As well Should certainly Move: Ideas To Improve Loose Credit Ratingsrn [url=http://www.lojad-frent.com.br/system/kontakt.php?a=2130]Tren 75 Before And After[/url]rn People that hair comb or clean their locks regularly ought to invest in a greater clean if they're dropping hair. Make sure that you use a gentle hair comb or brush and be sure that you're keeping the tangles from the hair. Tugging on tangles will draw your hair out, so brush often and delicately in this article.rn [url=https://www.pgrhonduras.gob.hn/temp/modules.php?ki=443]Anadrol Pill Form[/url]rn To avoid tube knocking once you activate the liquid, think about rubber covers or bands. As opposed to supposing the plumbing need substituted, think about anchoring them or buffering them. When your water lines are plastic-type material, leave them some room for enlargement and contraction. If pipes usually do not problem but just make noises, eliminate the noise.rn [url=http://www.gerhardt.mediapangan.com/local/cabecalho.php?di=1317]Masterton Nursery[/url]rn

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Re: VendégkönyvPeti 2010-09-04 11:19:42


2x is próbáltam regisztrálni az online rendeléshez,(különbőző e-mail címekkel) de az aktiváló e-mail összesen ennyiből állt "Tisztelt Ü"... pedig szivesen megkóstoltam volna a lazacos cézár salátát :)

Re: VendégkönyvNiederkirchner Szabina 2010-08-31 14:47:26

Köszönjük a gyors reagálást és a jó hozzáállást:)

Re: VendégkönyvNiederkirchner Szabina 2010-08-29 13:32:07

Tisztelt Tájfun!

Tegnap rendeltünk önöktől és sajnálva tapasztaltuk az ételen, hogy nem friss. A sült krumpli nyúlós, újra melegített, a gordonba, pedig szép hosszú fekete hajszálat találtunk. Kb. 3 hónapja rendelünk önöktől és nagyon meg voltunk elégedve.

Re: Vendégkönyvmadmax 2010-08-27 20:02:25

a p****ba nem is tudtam,hogy van mar dart-s terem is :)
mar csak tenyleg egy kulon szint hianyzik a nemzetkozi versenyeknek :)

Nagyon tanulsagostool 2010-01-22 11:53:05

miert ne:)

Re: VendégkönyvB 2009-07-14 10:19:32

En azt nem ertem, hogy azert mert valaki nem akar enni, miert faj neki, hogy lehet enni meg inni is. En spec marhara orulok, hogy melo utan ha beugrok kicsit poolozni, akkor tudok enni egy pizzat kozben, meg egy hideg sort hozza. Amugy nagyon szeretem a helyet, szivesen jarnek tobbet is ha idom engedne. Negativ tapasztalatom egyszer volt egy bunko felszolgalo szemelyeben, mondjuk akkor egyszer lattam csak ott, szoval lehet masnak is feltunk, hogy nem tul szivelyes ;)
Szoval csak igy tovabb, aztan majd lehet egyszer kiprobalom a pokertermet is, bar nem vagyok egy nagy zsugas :)

Egy eszrevetel: igazan lehetne tobb parkolo, pl a patkakon is ki lehetne alakitani az utcan, mert nehol iszonyu magas a padka, egyszer fel is akadtam, mikor az udvaron mar nem volt hely :(

Re: VendégkönyvKlára 2009-07-04 15:58:25

Hali "egy pókeres"!
Igaz, kimerítő választ kaptál a beírásodra, de nem tudom szó nélkül hagyni igazságtalan "kritikádat"
Számomra amit leírtál arról árulkodik, hogy nem tartozol az igényes emberek közé.
Sakkozni, ultizni, akár pókerezni is lehet bármelyik téren kihelyezett beton asztaloknál, ott nem fognak hideg sört, gusztusos, finom ételeket felszolgálni, nem kell belépőt, vagy "tagságit'" fizetni. Ellenben vannak akiknek nem csupán a játék öröme, a kulturált környezet is fontos!!!!
Óriási tévedésben vagy, ha azt hiszed, hogy csak zuglóiak járnak ide, és egyébként is ez szerintem egy sértő megjegyzés volt, mert a zuglói emberek sem igénytelenebbek, mint mások, de ha ide járnak pókerozni, nálad biztos, hogy igényesebbek.

Re: VendégkönyvTájfun 2009-07-02 10:16:52

Hello mad max!
Na milyen volt a kaja?
Vigyázz magadra és széles utat!

Re:mad maxanonymous 2009-06-28 06:23:24

nem sokara ujra bent kajolok egy jo izut.csoki

Re: VendégkönyvTájfun 2009-06-17 09:48:41

Köszönjük az észrevételt!
Mielőbb ki fogjuk javítani.És továbbra is szeretettel várunk és kívánjuk, hogy ha már eljöttél akkor nyerjél is!

Re: Vendégkönyvegy pokeres 2009-06-16 14:10:49

a 15 ezer forintot hetente értettem és nem havonta. Bocs az elírásért.

Re: VendégkönyvTájfun 2009-06-16 00:07:25

Helló "egy pókeres"!

Igazából nem tudjuk eldönteni, hogy amit írtál az negatív vagy pozitív kritika akar lenni:)
Kezdjük az elején.
Hogyne lenne 5000.- os versenynél kisebb.Sokszor volt is, de az utóbbi időben nem volt rá igény.Vannak klubok ahol meg pont ez ami vonzza a játékosokat.
Tagsági díj, nálunk sincs!!!Nem is volt, nem is lesz!
Viszont ha valaki igényel Klubkártyát az kap ingyen!
Ha azt elvesztené akkor az valóban 1000.- ba kerül.
Örülnénk neki, ha valóban minden héten 15 ezer forintot elköltenél és még jobban, ha nyernél is!
Mert ha nyersz akkor elmondod másnak is és Te is többször vissza fogsz jönni!
A tapasztalatunk az, hogy nem csak zuglóiak járnak ide.
És ha már valaki ide jön pókerezni, miért ne egyen egy valóban finom túrógombócot, vagy igyon egy jó hideg sört.
Remélem kielégítő volt amit írtam.De ha mégis kérdésed merülne fel keresd nyugodtan az üzletvezetőt, aki minden kérdésedre kielégítő választ tud majd adni.

Re: Vendégkönyvegy pokeres 2009-06-14 14:15:08

valószinű ha pokerezni megyek,turógombocra vágyom meg alkoholra!! Szerintem étterembe kell enni,és kocsmában inni! ennyi!

Re: Vendégkönyvegy pokeres 2009-06-14 14:11:09

Kedves Tájfunosok!

Nézem eme sok fényes kritikát sztem remek hely lehet ez hiszen 5000.- ft os versenynél nincsen kisebb,nemde???
( pl: 1+0,5 vagy 2 esetleg 3 ezres freezout)

Továbbá Melyik bp-i klubban van tagsági díj???? sztem ugyis válság van,inflálódtunk így 1000.- ft os semmiért lehetne akár 2000.- ft ot is kérni!

én szerintem minden héten szeretnék 15 ezer forintot kidobni 2 versenyre,igy havi szinten az a kb 60 ezer forint nem is sok+ezer forint tagsági mellé!!!

ugyan kb 5 percre van tölem a hely de még egy értelmes versenyt nem láttam. nah mind1,ez az én véleményem...biztos sok zuglói jár oda.

Re: VendégkönyvKlára 2009-06-06 13:18:14

Szép napot:)
Egyetértek, a túrógombóc valóban nagyon finom, de a padlizsán krém sem akármi:))))
Aki a Tájfunban jár, feltétlen kóstolja meg:)))

VendégkönyvTájfun 2009-05-10 17:15:04

Kedves Fórumozók!
A negatív kritikát is szívesen fogadjuk.
Észrevételeiket közvetlenűl a tulajdonosoknak is megírhatják a következő email-címen:

Re: Vendégkönyvcica 2009-05-05 21:31:40


Isteni a hely.Jók az asztalok finom a kaja és nagyon jóképű a pizza szakács fiú a Mündl (az étlapról tudom)bácsi.

VendégkönyvTájfun 2009-05-03 09:54:36

Boldog Anyák napját minden Kedves Anyukának!

Re: VendégkönyvT.GABOR 2009-03-29 19:17:25


VendégkönyvTájfun 2009-02-27 04:31:23

Szia Mad Max
Tegnap volt:)
De ha lemaradtál róla,minden vasárnap 30% kedvezmény van nálunk az ételeink árából!

Re: VendégkönyvMAD MAX 2009-02-26 19:32:19

Mikor is van a torkos csutortok?

VendégkönyvTájfun 2009-02-25 18:31:42

Igen a túró gombóc még tervben van:)
De gyertek el a torkos csütörtökön és kóstoljatok meg mást is!

Re: VendégkönyvMAD MAX 2009-02-25 14:28:22

A turos gomboc valami isteni remelem sokaig lesz meg

Re: VendégkönyvKlára 2009-02-24 10:36:19

Nagyon jó lett az új weboldal!!! Gratulálok!
Csütörtökön személyesen is ellátogatok Hozzátok, után feltétlen írok a vendégkönyvbe. Bízom benne, hogy csupa jót írhatok akkor is!

VendégkönyvBalu 2009-02-23 19:16:16

Valóban klassz lett az új weboldal.
És legfőképp ez a fórum tetszik, mert itt mindent meg tudunk beszélni a többiekkel.:)

Re: VendégkönyvMAD MAX 2009-02-21 02:21:38

Nagyon jo az uj honlap mar alig varom,hogy elmehesek lokni ill kartyazni egy jot

VendégkönyvTájfun 2009-02-18 20:59:08

Hogy érezted magad?

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